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A Family Spirituality Book To Create World Healing
written by A Mom & Her Kids

keren and kids

Keren Clark and her sons, Dyson & Ethan in 2004
Photo by Keren's daughter, Sadie Posey

Wish for the World; A Daily Meditation for Personal & Planetary Peace

This book is a gift from our hearts to the world. It began as a simple prayer practice between my children and myself and has grown into this book.

When my children were very small I began to wonder how to incorporate a daily prayer ritual into their lives. Spirituality was, and still is, a cornerstone of my life but the more traditional children’s prayers of my youth no longer held much resonance for me. One day in the early autumn of 2000 the answer simply came to me. It arrived whole in the phrase, “Wish for the World”. OK, but how? How could this idea become a ritual powerful to me yet accessible to my children?

I simply began wishing for the world with my children every night at bedtime. We would all take turns choosing a wish. Sometimes the wish sprang immediately to mind. Other times it took a bit of pondering. They are simple, direct and powerful. I taught the kids how to focus on the wish; how to visual it being so, while I rubbed their backs to prepare them for sleep.

Our wishes cover such areas of concern as the environment, the earth’s creatures, war, disease, famine and genocide. And as we practiced faithfully each night, I began to imagine the power that we could generate if our small circle was united with others. What if people all over the world were wishing the same wish for the world every day? What kind of energy, spiritual and personal, could we all raise together? I believe the potential is enormous and endless. To that end we decided to create a family spirituality book, a book with the power to inspire others to do their part to heal the world.

I have described how we wish for the world. I invite you to use our method if it works for you. If not, feel free to adapt it. If the wording bothers you, change it. Should it suit you to begin with a salutation to God, the Buddha or Muhammad, please do. If you choose, you could simply meditate on the wish in silence. You may already have a daily prayer or meditation practice. If you do, just add the wish for the world at any appropriate moment.


All we ask is that you join us.

Pick a time each day and
“Wish for the World”

"Wish for the World"
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